By Peach State 13 Oct, 2016

With the revised SAT going back to the 1600 scale and making the essay optional just like the ACT, the question that commonly gets raised from students is do I still need to do the essay? The cut and dry answer to this is it depends on the school(s) you are applying to. Some of them still require the essay for admission, and if you apply to a school that requires the essay without it you will unfortunately not get in. Our recommendation is to always do the essay, as this avoids the possibility of needing it and not having the score. You also need to do the essay every time you take the exam because some schools will not superscore tests that do not contain an essay score if they require the essay. While there are certainly more school out there that are dropping the requirement due to it being optional on both the SAT and ACT it is certainly in your best interest to do it every time. Also, you cannot sign up to just take the writing portion at a later date, so you may find yourself having to take an extra test just to get the essay in if your dream school requires it.

By Peach State 06 Oct, 2016

High school offers a wide variety of Science courses at varying levels. Biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, and more! Many of these courses are also offered in the form of an AP course as well. When looking at applying for college it is important to note that many of the schools are starting to include looking at the number of AP courses students have taken. This is worked into the course rigor considerations when the schools are deciding who to accept into their school. The sciences are a great set of courses to help with building this AP portfolio and here at Peach State Tutoring and Test Prep we can help! Our AP Chemistry tutors both work as professors for Georgia State. Our AP Physics tutor is one of the 6 people that helped to invent fiber optic technology. Our AP Biology tutor is a teacher at a local private high school and has a knowledge base in many of the sciences a student will encounter in high school. When looking for a tutor for a certain subject you will find no better quality then Peach State Tutoring and Test Prep. Call us today where with our no contract, no obligation policy you can come for 1 lesson if that is all that is needed.

By Peach State 29 Sep, 2016

There are many things to consider when preparing to apply for and head off to college. Students must think about their GPA, the rigor of the courses they have taken, and preparing for the SAT and/or ACT. One thing that often gets left off the list or procrastinated on is applying for scholarships, so here are some tips when going to apply.

1.      First and foremost, START EARLY! There are scholarships that are available to students as young as middle school and plenty available to underclassmen (Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors) out there so apply early and often. Start searching them out and know the deadlines, so you can plan around which ones are the priority to get done first.

2.      When you start the process one of the best places to look is a FREE online matching service. If you answer all of the optional questions when filling out the site you will find a much wider breadth of options.

3.      DO NOT skip past lower reward options. The more you apply for the better chance you have of winning, and those lower rewards can really add up quick if you’re diligent.

4.      Watch the deadlines and follow all requirements. The last thing you want to do is prepare a great application or write an excellent essay only to find out you missed a deadline or requirement and are disqualified.

5.      Get letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation coming from places you have worked or volunteered can go a long way for separating you from the pack.

6.      Be mindful of your social media presence. Most scholarships are sponsor by a professional business or organization. Much like potential employers these days the sponsors may go look at your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) to see the kinds of items you post.

7.      Do not shy away from scholarships the require an essay or more work. Many students tend to avoid these applications because of the extra effort they require. Less applications means an increased likelihood of winning if you apply.

8.      When writing the essay avoid the following: Repeating the essay prompt, identify yourself, quotes from other people, going over the word limit.

9.      While you do not want to identify yourself you do want to write about a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. When you write about something you care about you put more effort into making sure it is great!

10.  Structure you essay by writing an outline first and if you have difficulty with getting your thoughts on paper try voice recording the essay and then transcribe it.

Follow these tips and you will increase your chances of getting a college scholarship!

By Peach State 21 Sep, 2016
With the Peach State Tutoring diagnostic exam you get detailed analysis of ACT and SAT testing skills.  The main question should be how does this help in preparing for the exam?  With this information you will answer which test is best for the student and what areas are in need of review.  Many times we find the the student is not remembering how to answer middle school math questions.
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